Paris’ Genres Mixing Fife-Piece ‘Bagarre’ Unveil New ‘Macadam’ Video From Latest EP ‘Musique De Club’

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After their self-released debut EP last year, Bagarre (which means “brawl”), a young five-piece hailing from Paris, France is back with 5 new songs.

« Bonsoir nous sommes Bagarre! » (« Hi there, we’re called Bagarre ») says the robotic cut-up voice on their 1st track and it is the ideal introduction to their explosive and playful electro-pop aptly titled “Musique de Club”.

Each of the songs is tackled by one of the band’s members in a joyous ruckus that mixes genres as diverse as Ghetto House, futuristic oriental melodies and chanson française. The French lyrics tell stories of nights out at the club (Macadam and its epic build-up), a love/hate anthem to their hometown Paris (Ris pas) and a tongue-in-cheek femme fatale offering her consenting lover a night to remember on their single Claque-le(« Slap him »).

The series of uber-chic B&W videos by French art collective VLF is conceptual fun and works a treat with their music.

Watch the latest of Bagarre’s series of video’s for new EP ‘Musique De Club’, out in the UK on November 13th:

Other EP videos:

Musique De Club is now available via iTunes

Web Links:

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