Lunar Twin Share Video And Release Single For ‘Champagne (Grande Cru Edit)’ From ‘Champagne (Remixes)’ EP, Out Now Via Emerald & Doreen Recordings

Lunar Twin Champagne (Grand Cru Edit)

Emerald & Doreen Recordings

Release: 12 October 2015

LUNAR TWIN animates dreamwave bliss with new Champagne video

“Dreamy sound….the vocals are rife with an aching lost effect that gives an air of slight despair. Like Edgar Alan Poe, he loved too well… and yet..and yet… This is pretty deep”Joe Foster (Creation Records) on ‘Champagne’

“Pure international cosmopolitan sophistication… a dreamstate… a dusky, velvety, but detached tone that recalls a subdued and smoother Mark Lanegan. Where a Mark Lanegan or Nick Cave would dig in with dire dramatics, Bryce glides over with ponderous, enigmatic rumination”Stereo Embers Magazine

FOR FANS OF: Massive Attack, Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave, Tindersticks, American Music Club, Everlast

Indie/alternative: Champagne (Grand Cru Edit), Ummagma Remix, Mushrooms Project Remix
Synthpop/ electronica:  Romin Remix, Haioka Remix, Woolfy Remix, Statickman Remix, Metroplex (Berlin edit)

Lunar Twin are proud to release their single ‘Champagne (Grande Cru Edit)’ from their ‘Champagne (Remixes)’ EP, out now on German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Recordings. Band member Chris Murphy re-mixed this track himself, bringing in the synth and textures from the original version.

They have a new video to accompany this, directed by J. Valencia of San Francisco. It was quite a feat to put this together, completely with original footage, filmed on location at four different sites – in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.

“I envisioned this track as an interstellar love affair, interpreted surrounding a fragmented vision and waking dreams of a solitary traveler,” explains Valencia. “To me, this piece of music encompasses, both artistically and technically, a sound that is timeless”. As for the band, they describe their vision for this video as “a dreamworld of subtle light, along with growth and decay, and photosynthesis”, quite like their very own signature sound.

This latest single presents a new edit of their breathtaking ‘Champagne’, which appeared on their self-titled debut EP. The new EP, released several months ago via Emerald & Doreen Records, features some rather amazing remixes, as well as a new edit of ‘Metroplex’ – reminiscent of Human League and Gary Numan. This EP takes listeners on a journey from lush downtempo through chillwave territory and ultimately to the dance floor, and features an international bouquet of remixers includingUmmagma (Canada-Ukraine), Haioka (Japan), Mushrooms Project(Greece), Statickman (Chile), Woolfy (USA), Go Satta (UK) andRomin (Iceland).

Band members Chris Murphy and Bryce Boudreau met in July 2011 at the Denver Underground Music Festival, when Bryce joined as a guest of Chris’ previous gothic synth band Nightsweats. They formed Lunar Twin in October 2013, and derived the band’s name from a theory about earth having possibly had a twin moon. Inspired by space and time, as well as nature and culture, the band members record the music and vocal separately from quite a distance. Vocals for this EP were recorded in the Hawaiian rainforest at Chopo Audio in Keauu/Puna, Hawaii. All music was recorded in the high desert valley by an alkaline lake at Desert Heat Audio in Salt Lake City, USA.

Champagne (Remixes) is available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, etc. The band’s original Lunar Twin EP is also available through Bandcamp.

“With ambient synth-pop and amazing vocals, this release is packed with audible ecstasy”Slug Magazine

“Rather brilliant lyrics with an affected tone fitting snugly between Nick Cave and Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples with a little of Matt Berninger of The National”Sound and Vision

“Waves crashing on a beach, intertwined with hazy reverb drenched guitars, addictive vocal’s & that 80’s influenced synth line… filled with pulses of new wave, dream pop & psychedelica with an almost bluesy vocal line”Primal Radio

“Lynchian pop with a warm analogue glow. Night music for moon lovers”Mat Handley, Sine FM

1) Champagne (Grand Cru Edit)
2) Champagne (Woolfy Remix)
3) Champagne (Haioka Remix)
4) Champagne (Ummagma Remix)
5) Champagne (Romin Remix)
6) Champagne (Statickman Remix)
7) Champagne (Mushrooms Project Remix)
8) Champagne (Go Satta Remix)
9) Metroplex (Berlin Edit)



Video for ‘Champagne’ (Grand Cru Edit)

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