Minneapolis Pop Band ‘DENNY’ Share Debut Single ‘Boyfriend’ With Second Single Soon To Follow

Minneapolis, USA pop band DENNY have just released first song, ‘Boyfriend’, in late August

and they are gearing up for their second release.


The three-piece, made up of Alexander Rollins (vocals, synth, guitar), Sully (drums), and Jack Vondrachek (guitar), formed late last year after playing and touring in different bands together since meeting at college in 2010.

DENNY is about being 23 and feeling out of place. Graffiti on bedroom walls. Cigarettes in alley ways. Teenage wet dreams. Hot summer nights. Lying on your back in the cul-de-sac. The smell of the suburbs burning. Idealism.

Listen to ‘Boyfriend’:

A new single is already in the making, ahead of an EP in early 2016. Before/during/after that you can catch them playing some shows in Minneapolis and regionally, ahead of getting out and playing some around the country later next year.

Follow ‘Denny’ via:

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