Karmin Gives A Blues-Rock Treatment to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean”

Karmin Covers Bieber’s Comeback Hit
“What Do You Mean?”

New Album Leo Rising Due Out Next Year

“Leo Rising…marks a new phase for Noonan and Heidemann.” — Billboard

Justin Bieber has been surprisingly welcomed back into the music world with the perfectly catchy pop banger “What Do You Mean?”, and a pop hit isn’t solidified without a Karmin cover. The pop duo is releasing a strikingly simplistic video to accompany their uniquely blues-rock take on Bieber.

Surely more new sides of Karmin are to be revealed with the 2016 release of their second LP Leo Rising.

“What Do You Mean?” can be viewed here, and watch the wild-west themed video for their latest original single “Didn’t Know You” here.


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