LA Band Swerve Share New Single ‘Baby Blue’ From Upcoming EP + Release Party October 24th And TPOS Interview

Swerve have just shared new single ‘Baby Blue’ from upcoming self-titled EP 


LA based band Swerve have just released new single called ‘Baby Blue’ from their upcoming self-titled EP which will be out end of October, with the release party being on the 24th.

Listen to ‘Baby Blue’:

Also many thanks to Swerve for answering ‘The Planet Of Sound’ some interview questions. We really appreciate it. Please find the interview below:

When did Swerve start? Can you tell us a bit more about the history?

Swerve is a really new band, we actually only formed this year and played our first show on June 1st– it was amidnight show on a Monday so we were surprised with how good the turnout was! Despite how new the band is it was kind of a long road to get here. I had a previous band called The Simple Pleasures and although we only played a few small local shows in LA we were able to secure a producer and studio time to record an EP, but the band fell apart shortly after we finished up in the studio. During the mixing process my producer Brandon, who now plays bass in Swerve, and I really tinkered with and fleshed out the songs and created what would become Swerve’s sound. We then convinced our drummer Casey to join the band and when Ryan joined on guitar things really clicked into place. Now we perform a lot locally and are looking to start expanding outward. We’re just about to release that EP and are pretty thrilled with the reactions and attention it’s been getting!

Who are your influences?

There are so many it’s hard to keep track of, but a few touchstones always come to mind. The Beatles are always the band I’m most blown away by and their sense of melody, structure and playfulness are kind of the songwriting template I’ve attempted to borrow. John Lennon has also really influenced my lyrical style. I’ve also been infatuated with 90s Britpop like early Oasis, Blur and Pulp. They had great songs and I love the idea of trying to make indie music take over the charts. Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie, although incredibly different artists, are both songwriters I go back to time and again. And of course R.E.M and the Replacements have been two of the biggest influences on my songwriting, specifically my guitar playing and the melodies I write.

                                                          Could you list your Top 5 albums of all time?

In no exact order: Revolver by the Beatles, Purple Rain by Prince, Definitely Maybe by Oasis, Let It Be by the Replacements, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco

How do you feel about playing live?

It’s my favorite part of being in a band. I get a lot of pleasure from songwriting and being in the studio, but nothing compares to being on stage and having all four people in the band working hard to connect with the audience. It’s just so much fun! I also tend to like the way live music sounds a bit more than records do. If I could swing it we’d be playing a show every day but that’s not practical.

How would you describe Swerve’s sound?

I think we sound like a new interpretation of classic indie rock. We’re guitar based and have a strong focus on our melodies and harmonies. We have some edgier and darker stuff but we aren’t afraid of a bright, jangly guitar pop song either.

Tell us about the process of recording the songs?

My previous band had only two days booked at the Apogee Studios in Santa Monica where we had to get basically everything we had down in a marathon session. We ended up recording six or seven songs in that amount of time. The mixing process took a lot longer. Brandon and I added overdubs and second guitar lines and worked on harmonies, etc. That’s when the songs really stopped being Simple Pleasures’ songs and became Swerve songs.

Which new bands do you recommend?

There are a lot of great newer artists out there like Mikal Cronin and Courtney Barnett. In LA there are a few bands we play shows with that I’d highly recommend looking into like the Fontaines, Street Joy and Corsica Arts Club.

Which band/song would you love to make a cover version of?

So many! I like to do unexpected and weird covers- like a Black Sabbath song or a Kanye West song. I really want to cover She Loves You by the Beatles and There She Goes by the La’s, and possibly Doll Parts by Hole if I could really nail the vocals.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep performing and making music, build up a fan base, hopefully go on a tour and get some funding from a label or something so we can make a full album!

Any parting words?

Thanks so much for the interview, Annie! I had a blast- it’s great to sit down and actually think about all of this.

Thanks Gregory!! (Do the La’s cover, I’m sure it’ll be great)  : )


Release party at the El Cid in LA with The Fontaines and Wet & Reckless


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