Hedge Fund – Release New Music Video ‘Boyfriend’ Ft. FriendlyJordies

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“Catchy post-punk exuberance.”
Little Indie Blogs (UK)

“With their latest effort ‘Boyfriend’ they prove to have a firm handle on post-punk steered by pop sentiments.”
Happy (AUS)

“’Boyfriend’ crosses the infectious rock of The Killers with the arty-ness of Palaye Royale.”
The Revue (CAN)


After recently unveiling their latest throwback cut ‘Boyfriend’, Sydney-based indie-post-rock outfit,Hedge Fund, have just revealed the accompanying music video for the track, which stars YouTube personality / comedian Jordan Markovina a.k.a. friendlyjordies.

Based on tension that comes from accepting responsibility growing up, ‘Boyfriend’ has an aggressive energy that frontman and director William Colvin believed was imperative to capture and recreate visually. Colvin describes the motivation behind the clip –

“I wanted to strip everything back and make something that was purely about performance.

Which is why I immediately thought of Jordan for the role. He’s an incredibly talented physical performer and he’s very, very funny, so he understood what we were trying to achieve pretty much instantly.

Conceptually, it’s best not to think too deeply about this clip. It’s funny, it’s frightening, and it appeals to the caveman in everyone. It’s brain-dead, violent, and also, weirdly innocent.”‘Boyfriend’ delves deeper into the group’s new wave and post-rock influences comparative to The Cure, Devo and Blondie, whilst still retaining the same unique delivery and execution.

After working tirelessly across Sydney’s live music scene in 2015, Hedge Fund will be taking their rejuvenated brand of post-punk on the road with dates to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

‘Boyfriend’ is now available to stream via YouTube



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