London Based ‘Spiritwo’ Share Single ‘Mesumamim out 13th November


Single: Mesumamim / Face To Face

Release Date: November 13th 2015

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 ‘The Queen of Tel Aviv Underground’- TimeOut

 ‘A strong arrangement of musical influences’- Spindle Magazine

 ‘Adventure, experimentation, and straight forward daring- 9/10’Audio Burger   

Spiritwo are set to release their new double A-side single ‘Mesumamim / Face To Face’ on November 13th 2015. The band encompasses a satisfying variety of atmospheres and emotions and blend of genres switching from humour, sarcasm, pure rage, and melodrama with a high level of musicianship.

The band began life as the brainchild of visual artist Yael Claire Shahmoon in the clubs of Tel Aviv which led Time Out to describe her as ‘The Queen of Tel Aviv Underground’. They soon moved to London and have been working hard on an awe-inspiring blend of experimental alternative rock, electro with an abundance of smart cultivated Middle Eastern influences, doom and theatre to create something completely captivating.

The new songs involve the listener in a colourful emotional inner world, yet talk about people’s behaviour and social conditioning, and have a big mainstream feel in their huge soundscapes and overall production. ‘Face to Face’ is a bitter comedy, criticizing social conventions and pushing for people to open up to deeper and more direct ways of being. The track schizophrenically switches between sweet and polite kooky bouncy electronic subtleties with overlaid dialogues and improvised flute to explosive outbursts of dark death metal flavoured furor.

‘Mesumamim’ means “On Drugs” in Hebrew and the track creates a mysterious metaphor using “drugs” metaphorically as Yael Claire Shahmoon states it “describes people who live like zombies in the big city –  just numb…from struggling the daily grind, closed up in their own shell of survival and self neglect…workaholics who never have time for themselves,  people who forgot who they are in order to fit in, youngsters that are afraid of their lives floating in the haze of endless clubs, people binge drinking…you see all sorts of zombies in London…”

Listen to ‘Mesumamim’:

With a mesmerizing and mind blowing stage presence Spiritwo have already supported Martin Rev (‘Suicide’), UK Decay and Punishment of Luxury as well as Savages, Knifeworld and Naive New Beaters. At their November single launch, the band will once again be joined by cult band Cardiacs drummer Bob Leith.

The band are:


Yael Claire Shahmoon Vocals

Charlie Cawood- Guitars

Matt Riley- Drums

Bob Leigh- Drums

Michael Okot- Bass

Julie Groves- Flute

For more info visit

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