Bud Sugar Release Video For New Single ‘Blinkin’ Thinkin’

Bud Sugar release video for Blinkin’ Thinkin’

Official Release: 2 October 2015

In their home city of Hull Bud Sugar are as famous for their guerilla marketing tactics as they are for their music itself. Their latest adventure involved a collaboration with Stagecoach in which they boarded buses and played live to surprised and delighted commuters!

Fortunately the band, made up of Bacary Bax, STAN, Dyl, Live Lans and Reason, have the tunes to justify the hype, producing high octane reggae infused music they describe as “Cod Head Skank”.

New single ‘Blinkin’ Thinkin” is full of big beats and flowing melodies, sometimes rapped and other times sung. Bud Sugar aren’t afraid to mix and match genres to produce witty and insightful social commentary.


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