Sam Lee and Llywelyn ap Myrddin reveal ‘Nose Song’ for Body Of Songs project


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Body Of Songs reveals a new incredible track from the collection, from Mercury nominated folk artist Sam Lee and composer Llywelyn ap Myrddin.

– September 2015

Tune into BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction on 25th September 2015 to hear live versions and interviews with the artists and Body of Songs team.

Sam Lee and Llywelyn ap Myrddin “Nose Song”:

Sam Lee investigated the nose with help from pathologist Dr Laura Casey of University College London Hospital, perfume expert Nick Gilbert, Ear Nose and Throat surgeon Professor Simon Gane from University College London Hospital,and Dr Darren Logan from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge. The track is sensitive and intricate with plucked strings, piano and Lee’s distinctive voice as we find another artist truly personifying their chosen organ.

Sam says:

“The nose is by far the least understood of all the organs and one of the great of the human science mysteries, This song explores this “archaic nerve” that penetrates our psyche and unconsciousness in magical transportive ways. This original organ has elevated itself to such a lofty position of biological deportment as to become almost unnecessary, yet so rooted in all our judgements socially, sexually, animalistically and atavistically it could be reckoned as the seat of the highest intuition and most advanced of all faculties”

About Body Of Songs

Body of Songs is a groundbreaking music and science experiment that brings together Britain’s most talented musicians to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by our inner workings – the mysterious organs of the body.

These are the 8th and 9th tracks to be revealed from the collection due for release in Autumn 2015. So far you can hear: Bat For Lashes (Skin), Goldie (Brain), Ghostpoet (Liver), Mara Carlyle & Max De Wardener (Kidneys), Dave Okumu (Heart), Afrikan Boy (Blood), Scrufizzer (Larynx).

Through incredible access to specialist clinicians and scientists, making observations in the operating theatre, meeting with alternative health experts and patients at varying stages of illness and ogling body parts in special museum collections – each artist has developed a knowledge and feel for their chosen organ. This is then transformed into an original composition to reflect both their experiences and personal relationship to these hidden parts of the body.

The artists’ scientific journeys have been guided with help from inspirational clinician, Professor Hugh Montgomery and Dr Alistair Connell.

With a line-up of incredible artists, curated by Gemma Cairney (BBC Radio 1), Llywelyn Ap Myrrdin (composer) and Beth Clayton the remaining three songs and body organs from musicians at the peak of their creative powers will be released ahead of the final album in Autumn 2015.

Body Of Songs is supported by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England. With special thanks to University College LondonHospital and the NHS.

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