Manchester Band ‘Girlfriend’ Share New Track ‘Good Morning’

Girlfriend Share New Dancefloor Track ‘Good Morning’ 

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‘Good Morning’ is the new track from Girl Friend. It’s a pulsing celebration of idle hours and alone time the morning after an uplifting night before.  Fronted with a joyful croon by lead singer Amory the song is delivered with an itchy dancefloor beat to feel like an extension of the evening.

The track is accompanied by a rework from new Leeds DJ Josh Hunter, who adds further sparkle to the Mancunian quartet with a euphoric pop sound harking back to early 90s dance, to the point it feels like the sound of the night before the ‘Good Morning’ depicted in the original version.

Described as ‘honing in on the particulars of passion and desire’ by DIY Magazine Girl Friend’s modern take on classic and refined pop has seen them paint imagery from the sunny mediterranean romance in Guardian-endorsed ‘Monte Carlo’ to hedonistic tails of seeking pain for pleasure (‘Poison’), and nights out that go right by going wrong (‘Arrive alone, Leave alone’).

Following on from an XFM playlisted EP in April ‘Good Morning’ sees the group providing a wake-up call flushed with memories of dancefloor indulgence but with a lyric that always keeps an edge on the glossy synths and light pop vocal.

“We are moved to controversially suggest that, in the pantheon of Manchester debut singles, it is in   the ballpark of The Stone Roses’ So Young and Happy Mondays’ Delightful and within kissing   distance of Hurts’ Better Than Love.”  Paul Lester – Guardian New Band of the Week

“Amory’s silky vocals have a suave presence, matching the glamour achieved in the whirlwind electronics   and glossy riffs.”  NME

“A delightfully bombastic disco-pop chorus more explosive than a baking soda and vinegar volcano.”  The Line of Best Fit (Song of the Day)  

“Girl Friend seem to have arrived with their sound complex, exact, intoxicating.” Clashmusic

“Combining upbeat basslines, catchy-as-hell lyrics, glowing vocal harmonies, and dancey guitar work give   this band all the ammunition to continue their ascent into the hearts and ears of listeners around the globe.”  The Music Ninja | | |

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