Syd Barrett’s Nephew Creates Unusual Jewellery for Musicians

Jurassic Jewellery 
Ian Barrett

What is it that links Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett with Sean Lennon, Andy Bell of Ride/Oasis, Ben of MGMT and The Teardrop Explodes’ Julian Cope?

The answer lies in the stars… Astronomical events like meteor showers and comet landings have made headline news around the world, capturing the imagination of the general public. Syd Barrett’s nephew Ian Barrett is bringing this magic into a unique collection of jewellery that is hugely popular amongst these influential musicians.

Ian established Jurassic Jewellery in 2007, combining his love of science with his flair for creating stunning jewellery. His unique pieces, featuring fully authenticated meteorites, moon dust and fossils, are loved by fashionistas just as much as science fans. They are for sale online and will also be available in Salford Museum and Art Gallery’s By Hand Gallery from late September until April 2016.

It is thrilling to have my jewellery worn by such influential musicians” says Ian Barrett, owner and designer.

“And now everyone can own a necklace containing real Moon dust or a pair of cufflinks set with a piece of iron meteorite as I make my collection available to the general public .”

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Online Links:
Salford Museum:

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