‘Beyond The Break’ Unveil Title Track ‘Pictures Of Losing Sleep’ From Debut EP Out On 4th September


“Pictures Of Losing Sleep” EP

Out Sept 4th on 2p Records.

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There’s been many bands that have attempted to channel the late, great era of ’90s alternative rock, but few are able to recall that era as well as Beyond The Break.  Formed earlier this year, the Welsh-based rockers’ muscular rock tunes are a throwback to a time when flannel and booming baritones ruled the airwaves.”Pure Volume

Beyond The Break are a new rock band from Llanelli, South Wales bringing together  members of Catatonia, 21 Against and Eleven, who came together early 2015. The band were signed to London’s 2p Records before playing a live show on just the strength of their demo.

The debut E.P ‘Pictures Of Losing Sleep’ was recorded as a live performance direct to tape over the space of two weekends, capturing the band’s full essence into the recordings, channeling in the likes of Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters.

Listen to ‘Pictures Of Losing Sleep’:

EP track ‘The Way It Was’ has received in excess of 25,000 organic plays on spotify in the first four weeks with the band only playing a handful of shows including a sold out hometown show in Llanelli and performing for the Foo Fighters fan club at the Foo’s Wembley pre-show party.

Preserving the integrity of analogue ‘Pictures..’ is set to be released on virgin 12” vinyl and features four intensely engaging alt-rock tracks from the sentimental pop-punk of the title track, to the carnage of ‘Mother Love’ with its solid fuzzy grinding riffs and angsty raw vocal.

Watch the video for ‘The Way It Was’:


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