‘The Mars King Tapes’ Release Single ‘Put On Your Hood, Robin’ + Live Video For ‘Cracked Stones On Memory Lane’

 The ‘Mars King Tapes’ release second single ‘Put On Your Hood, Robin‘ via SoundCloud and share a video with a live version of single ‘Cracked Stones On Memory Lane

unnamed (21)

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, five piece ‘The Mars King Tapes’ haven’t been around for very long, only formed in the Spring of 2015. Currently unsigned, the members have already played in various local bands and are all sporting a pseudonym, which supports their mysterious look, either in relation to their music or their style.

They describe their style as follows:

“The Mars King Tapes are a vision of the future from the past, like a dream from which you cannot awake: the memory of crumbling houses plunging into nothing while dancers on the roof reach for the last cocktails to the sound of thee-chord-jazz; revolutionary dynamics kindling a blazing menagerie only to be smothered with a blanket of melancholic anarchy. With gangster-surf-soul in your luggage, The Mars King Tapes will accompany you on a journey through time into forgotten dystopias that are closer to the present than you would care to admit”.



 Lou Moriarty – Vocals/Guitar; Gáspár Gold – Guitar; Aodh Séamus – Bass/Backing Vocals; 2Face Rossignjol – Trumpet/Percussion; Django H. Chajòn – Drums

So far they have released two songs, ‘Put On Your Hood, Robin‘ and ‘Cracked Stones On Memory Lane‘, but with such creative force, we can be rest assured that there will be more to follow very soon. An EP or LP is planned for the very near future, but details are still to be confirmed.


Listen To ‘Cracked Stones On Memory Lane’:


Watch the live video for ‘Cracked Stones On Memory Lane’:

Watch Acoustic Version Video For ‘Lost Boys’:




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