New York-based Electronic Pop Duo 8 Graves Premieres Debut, ‘Mixtape’, Now Available As A Free Download

New York City – New York-based Electronic Pop duo 8 Graves releases their debut, Mixtape.

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Mixtape is a perfect encapsulation of the personal emotions and experiences that the duo often puts into their music. The new music is a catchy and creative effort who music fans looking for more honest and intimate song writing will appreciate.

Download and listen to the 8 Graves’ exciting first release, “Mixtape,” now on SoundCloud:

Check out the premiere for first single“Lie on Baeble Music here.


Released now, each track on Mixtape comes with a video commentary that will bring the duo’s thoughtful writing and creative process to light. Listening to a song, you’re ripped down by the harsh, lonesome, introspective realities and bleak circumstances of our journey through life, and then catapulted back up by the spiteful, defiant strength we sometimes find in those moments. The pain and the progress; the push and the pull are present in every measure, begging to hide away, yet demanding to be heard. 8 Graves offers us the opportunity to hurt together, to bleed aloud, and to know the struggles we feel isolate us guarantee we are never alone.

Watch the video commentary on the writing of first single “Lie” on YouTube.


FREE Mixtape:

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