CocoRosie Share “Lost Girls” (live), Artwork, Tracklisting For 6th Album Heartache City Out September 18th + September Tour

“Heartache City” (live) HERE
“Un Beso” (live) HERE


9/17-20 – Oakdale, CA @ Symbiosis Gathering HERE
Tue 9/22 – Solano Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern HERE
Wed 9/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater HERE
Fri 9/25 – New York, CA @ Webster Hall HERE
Sun 9/27 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall HERE

“Sounding ‘like two little Billie Holidays an octave higher if you were on acid in Tokyo in 1926’ ” Jim Jarmusch

Ahead of their sixth studio album Heartache CityCocoRosie shares a third track in a live format called “Lost Girls” (live), you can hear it HERE. The album, which will come out on Friday September 18th, also includes “Un Beso” (live) HERE and “Heartache City” (live) HERE, this last live recording was done in Milan on the second day of CocoRosie’s European summer festival tour, played with their band Tez and Takuya Nakamura. The full tracklist for the album is revealed today as well and includes “Bed Bugs”, “Tim and Tina” and album opener “Forget Me Not” (see below). The album art was shot on the farm in France.

“Lost Girls” lyrics:
Even though red is not your color
i’ll dress you in feathers
and fly you in the windy weather
like a child bird marooned
on an island of cats
little dewy brawling cats
with cross-eyed and hats
they take mercy on you
take you for walks
the mercy choir singing dismal dims
watery bible rhymes
all jumbled a mess
a mess of bright graves
flowers and balloonsstick out your thumb
and lift up your skirt
someone’s bound to stop here soon
take down your hair
and wind up your grin
someone’s gonna take you home

with a knapsack of trinket
I’m off to seek my fortune again
chasing ghosts of dead orphans
friends, cousin or kin
we wave to the passer by
moth wings of a butterfly
endless tracks where no car pass
close your eyes and you can fly
I’m off to meet my soul mate
a naked fawny jail bate
wading into ponds
filly with polly wigs at dawn
mourning the light
that slipped from my eyes
a little child with dirty nails
and dirty hair
i hard dirty things scrawled upon my mind


Other pieces of new music “Hairnet Paradise” and “Big and Black” can be heard here by watching the behind-the-scenes video (by Fernando Portabales) they filmed during the recording process HERE.


Watch Behind The Scenes “Hairnet Paradise”:


CocoRosie – Heartache City – out Sept 18
1. Forget Me Not
2. Un Beso
3. Lost Girls
4. Heartache City
5. Tower of Pisa
6. Bed Bugs
7. Tim and Tina
8. Big and Black
9. Lucky Clover
10. No One Knows She Goes There (Bianca solo)

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