‘Chasin Vegas’ Release Video For ‘ Get Known, Be Heard’ Session For Single ‘Take Me Back’ Filmed At Decoy Studios

British rock inhibiting four-piece ‘Chasin Vegas’ have released a live session video for non-profit Organisation Get Known, Be Heard with their track ‘Take Me Back’,  filmed and recorded by Bearded Brothers at Decoy Studios


Chasin Vegas was formed in November 2013. They are an anthemic, British rock inhibiting four-piece, they are the guitar yielding, music circuit revivers the town and maybe even the country have been waiting for.

Forming from the ashes of their previous projects, this band is different from any local band ever seen prior. Not necessarily in how they sound, but in how so early on into their infant career, they appear very, very ambitious and driven to achieve. There is no point in setting yourself a target if you could hit it now and that’s exactly what this band haven’t done.

Chasin Vegas are about to prevail in injecting a much needed dose of British Rock back into the veins of East Anglia’s current cover-band infested music circuit, and succeed in helping true, patriotic guitar music get back on its feet.
Chasin Vegas consists of: Tony Clarke: Guitar/vocals, Joshua Greenley: Bass Guitar, Bradley Taylor: Lead Guitar & James Lagden: Drums.

Watch the video for the ‘Take Me Back’ live session:


Listen to ‘Feel It’ and ‘Times Are Hard’, which are also available as a free download:


They are currently in the studio recording new single ‘Blue Eyed Skies’.



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