FRED ABBOTT Unveils Twilight Rooftop Jam Video For ‘Adrenaline Shot’ From Debut Solo Album ‘Serious Poke’ Out July 20th

Fred Abbott has just unveiled his video for the awesome ‘Adrenaline Shot’ from debut solo album ‘Serious Poke’ out 20th July on Lojinx and now available for pre-order


unnamed (5)


The video features two of Fred’s former Noah And The Whale friends Matt ‘Urby’ Owens and Michael Petulla in twilight rooftop jam mode.

Watch ‘Adrenaline Shot’:



Serious Poke will be released on Lojinx on 20th July. The album’s tracklisting is as follows:


1- Adrenaline Shot

2- Funny How Good It Feels

3- Awake

4- Honey

5- Hollywood

6- One Hot Night

7- Learn About Love

8- Don’t Look Like Him

9- Still Told A Lie

10- Lucky People


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