Phish Releases ‘Amsterdam’ 8-CD Box Set


Phish has just released Amsterdam, an 8-CD box set containing three full live shows from 1997, recorded at Paradiso in The Netherlands. The recordings have been fully mixed and mastered from the band’s multi-tracks, and the box set is available to order now.
On February 17, 1997, Phish first played Paradiso, a converted former church turned rock-club/cultural center with a capacity of about 1,500. Phish logged three breakthrough shows at this historic venue over four months that year (on February 17, July 1, and July 2, 1997), where the intimate setting pushed the music to new heights again and again.

The recordings from these three shows comprise some of the most experimental music Phish has ever made. The Amsterdam box delivers the full impact of a shared peak experience in an exotic locale seamlessly integrated and sizzling with creative intensity.

Amsterdam tracklist:

Disc 1
1. Soul Shakedown Party
2. Divided Sky
3. Wilson
4. My Soul

5. Guyute
6. Timber
7. Billy Breathes
8. Llama
9. Bathtub Gin
10. Golgi Apparatus

Disc 2
1. The Squirming Coil
2. Down With Disease
3. Carini
4. Taste
5. Down With Disease
6. Suzy Greenberg
7. Prince Caspian

Disc 3
1. Sleeping Monkey
2. Rocky Top
3. Ghost
4. Horn

5. Ya Mar

Disc 4
1. Limb By Limb
2. Ain’t Love Funny
3. Saw It Again
4. Dirt
5. Reba
6. Dogs Stole Things

Disc 5
1. Fish Keyboard Jam
2. Timber
3. Bathtub Gin
4. Cities
5. Loving Cup
6. Slave To The Traffic Light
7. When The Circus Comes

Disc 6
1. Mike’s Song
2. Simple
3. Maze
4. Strange Design
5. Ginseng Sullivan
6. Vultures
7. Water In The Sky
8. Weekapaug Groove

Disc 7
1. Stash
2. Llama
3. Wormtown Jam
4. Wading In The Velvet Sea

Disc 8
1. Free
2. David Bowie

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