Synth Pop Returns In Force With RODNEY CROMWELL’s Debut LP ‘Age of Anxiety’

Rodney Cromwell
Age of Anxiety

Happy Robots Records

Release: 29 June 2015

Synth Pop returns in force with RODNEY CROMWELL ‘Age of Anxiety’

“Sounds like liquid gold. Age of Anxiety has renewed my faith in the digital age of electro popMalcolm Holmes (Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark)

FOR FANS OF: 70’s & 80’s synthpop, Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark, Pet Shop Boys, Visage, Kraftwerk, Erasure, New Order

RECOMMENDED TRACKS: Barry Was An Arms Dealer, Cassiopeia, Fenchurch Street, One Two Seven, Fax Message Breakup, Black Dog, The Blue Cloud, You Will Struggle

Rodney Cromwell is releasing his debut LP ‘Age of Anxiety’ on Happy Robots Records, introducing the modern electronic lover to some epic retro future synth music.  Strongly influenced by artists such as OMD, New Order, and Kraftwerk, this music equally embraces synthpop and indiepop. It’s no wonder he has gained solid support from the likes ofMalcolm Holmes (OMD) and Rusty Egan (Visage, Rich Kids) on this release.

Already multiple tracks have premiered on BBC6 Music thanks to Steve Lamacq and Gideon Coe, and Radio Soho thanks to Pete Paphides, and have already gained repeat airplay on national Radio 3 in Spain. The first single ‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer’ is premiering in The Record Stache.

Rodney Cromwell is the solo project of Adam Cresswell, founding member of indie-folktronica band Saloon (with numerous entries in John Peel’s Festive 50 & three Peel Sessions) and one half of electronic two piece Arthur & Martha, whose music NME says is “lovely stuff… more than worthy of your time”. On this new LP, singer Alice Hubley (Arthur & Martha, Cosines) also features on the duet ‘You Will Struggle’, while baby Benedict Cresswell lends his gurgling sounds to the instrumental ‘Baby Robot’.

Made almost entirely on vintage gear, ‘Age of Anxiety’ is an album that evokes the synthpop sound of the 70’s and 80’s while still being forward looking and sounding fresh. Krautrock rhythms combine with melodic bass lines, the chimes of toy instruments, the bleeps of antique moogs, ARPs and vintage synths, while the songs still maintain a classic pop format.

This LP explores such themes as juvenescent paranoia, romantic despair, love and loss, panic attacks, and depression. Despite its themes of postmillennial tribulation, it still retains an upbeat innocent pop sensibility. “Age of Anxiety is the sound of personal demons being confronted by the power of homebrew disco,” explains Adam Cresswell. This is an album for fans of Factory Records, 80’s coldwave and those four guys from Dusseldorf who thought they were robots.”

‘Age of Anxiety’ is available for pre-order on Bandcamp and CDs are available through Cargo Records and Darla Records.

“Never before have I encountered an electronic or indie pop artist who could successfully echo, reimagine and reinvigorate so many legendary 70’s and 80’s synthpop artists as Rodney Cromwell has done” – The Record Stache

“Combining vintage-style electronica with a bedroom pop sensibility, the music comes across like how Kraftwerk might sound if they were an indiepop band”Bliss Aquamarine

“Echoes of OMD, Kraftwerk, the Pet Shop Boys and New Order. He even gives the BBC Radiophonic Workshop a run for their money. These are pop songs, whatever the degree of programming or vocodered vocals employed”Sounds XP

‘Age of Anxiety’ LP
‘Age of Anxiety’ playlist (3 tracks)


‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer’ Video:


‘Age of Anxiety’ Teaser 1
‘Age of Anxiety’ Teaser 2
Cargo Records order link

1. The Internationale
2. Cassiopeia
3. Barry Was An Arms Dealer
4. You Will Struggle
5. One Two Seven
6. Fax Message Breakup
7. Baby Robot
8. The Blue Cloud
9. Fenchurch Street
10. Black Dog

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