Lo-fi Rockers ‘Clones of Clones’ Cover Modest Mouse’s “Float On”

DC-based grunge rock band, Clones of Clones, is releasing a cover of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” on June 23rd.


Members: Ben Payes – Guitar / Synth / Vocals Nick Scialli – Bass / Guitar / Vocals Todd Evans – Guitar / Synth / Vocals Brian Abbott – Drums

With three months to go in their senior year of college Ben Payes and Nick Scialli decided to start a band, ‘Three Months to Live.’ However, they were asked to change their name on the way to their very first gig, a cancer benefit. And so began the many twists and turns of their musical career together.

Clones of Clones is a reminder of this history; still present–after all their collaborations and the influences of current drummer Brian Abbott and new guitar/synth switch-hitter Todd Evans–is the musical and songwriting spark that brought Ben and Nick together a hundred months ago.

Most recently, the band released their second EP, I Don’t Need Your Love, under the direction of producer Ted Comerford (Jukebox the Ghost, Army of Me). Their new sound is dark and dynamic grunge rock, with catchy melodies and lyrics full of despair and heartbreak. The EP is the prelude to their first full length, due in late 2015.

By counting ‘Modest Mouse’ as one of their heroes, it’s only apt that there was a cover of one of their favourite tracks in the pipeline. ‘Float On’ has an ‘MGMT’ synthpop, indietronica vibe to it and the raw, scattered look of the video nicely captures the energy of the song.

‘Float On’ will be officially released on June 23rd.

Watch the video to ‘Float On’:

Or listen to the ‘Float On’ audio HERE or by clicking the picture below:

This is what others say about ‘Clones Of Clones’:

Clones of Clones create a refreshing change of pace with haunting melodies and perfect harmonies. Synthesizers paired with creative guitar measures add an alluring element to their unique music – Mind Equals Blown

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