COQUIN MIGALE Are Back Again With A Second Track From Their ‘FEEL’ EP Called ‘SOCOTRA’

COQUIN MIGALE – S O C O T R A released 27th July 2015

Coquin Migale lit up up the blogosphere a few months ago with their stunning debut ‘GOLD’. Hell, even Huw Stephens was spinning it, at RADIO 1 which in turn started attracting attention from major labels.

Now they are back again with a second track from their ‘FEEL’ EP called ‘SOCOTRA’. And it looks like more of the same.

Alex Soper’s otherworldly vocals impressing again on this track with what can only be described as an explosion of a chorus. It’s pretty hard to put your finger on what Alex is singing about, but maybe that matters not. There’s a fragility and intensity to this track that manages to pull you in.

More new tracks are due at the end of summer.

18th June – Sofa Sounds – Newcastle (Alex Solo)
Sat 11th July – Surf Cafe – Tynemouth
Sat 25th July – Tramlines – Sheffield (Redhouse)



Watch ‘Gold’:

‘Coquin Migale ‘Gold’ a belter from the north east. We like your tune, really good!’ – Huw Stephens R1

‘Built on gale force guitars and math-rock rhythms twinned with singer Alex Soper’s soaring vocals’ – NME
‘The quartet seem to thrive off their ability to inter-weave in and out of varying melodies’ – It’s All Indie
‘Guitars morphing into 4AD ethereal twanging, before exploding into the chorus’ – Backseat Mafia
‘A genuinely catchy chorus of Alex cooing “feels like I’ve been dreeeeaming”’ – Narc Magazine
‘On a mission to single handedly revive the indie rock genre’ – The Tipping Point
‘Surely it won’t be long until the majors come knocking’ – Fresh On The Net

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