Creation Records’ Joe Foster Introduces The New Wave Of Shoegaze – REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival

REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival

Ear to Ear Records (UK) & Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia)

“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” is an epic, truly international 30-track compilation, involving underground artists from all over the world, who are virtually united under one revolutionary flag – that of a shoegaze revival. Welcome to the broad and often misunderstood world of shoegaze.
Curated by UK label Ear to Ear Records and Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif, this compilation features 30 bands from 16 countries, covering 5 of the 6 inhabited continents.
This project is heavily supported by Joe Foster (Creation Records), who explains “This is a new comp with the best of the world shoegaze/magical psychpoppy’s REBIRTH…. Ear To Ear Records are a new Welsh/Canadian label in the spirit of Creation and 4AD and just as obsessed as that! Why do I refer to rebirth instead of revival? In contrast, a *rebirth* in the same period gave us such bands as The Cramps, Primal Scream and Cocteau Twins – what a range!! And such a huge and wide world of music…this is exactly what is happening again in a new and unexpected way! 30 bands from 16 countries worldwide…an unprecedented spread of hope and art”.
Members of Swervedriver, Slowdive, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Swallow [4AD Records], Strata Florida [Saint Marie Records] and The Telescopes [Creation Records] have also expressed their support, as well as renowned British producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid). We are hopeful that this compilation will help move this genre beyond being “The Scene That Celebrates Itself” to one that is also celebrated by others…
FEATURED BANDS by country: CANADA-UKRAINE (Ummagma) / RUSSIA (Sounds of Sputnik) /  UK (Lights That Change, Woziak, Blood Lips) / CHILE (Trementina) / ITALY (Stella Diana, Clustersun, Rev Rev Rev, Weird) / JAPAN (Ether Feels, Magao, Spool) / AUSTRALIA (Hideous Towns) / USA (Stellarscope, Slow Motion Picture) / HONG KONG (The Yours, Thud, The Evening Primrose) / PAKISTAN (//orangenoise) / BRAZIL (Duelectrum, Robsongs) / PERU (Puna) / GERMANY (Jaguwar) / FRANCE (Hermetic Delight) / INDONESIA (Intenna, Sharesprings, Damascus, Digilite, Seaside)

REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival:

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