Boys Noize New Track “Cerebral” From Newly Announced Strictly Raw Vol. 1 Double Vinyl Release + North American BNR10YR Dates Start Soon


Includes new collaborations with Tiga, mysterious Johnny Sack, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Atom TM, SCNTST and Pilo

This Song Is Sick Premieres Boys Noize & Pilo “Celebral” HERE

Upcoming #BNR10YR shows: Toronto 5/21, Montreal 5/22, New York 5/23, Detroit 5/24

Check out the #BNR10YR photo galleries here: Miami HERE, Berlin HERE, Brussels HERE etc

Year of Noize – here we go!

German electronic producer and DJ Boys Noize announces his new double vinyl EPStrictly Raw Vol. 1, which will come out on April 29th via his Boysnoize Records with collaborations from Tiga, Johnny Sack, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Atom TM, Pilo and SCNTST. The track “Celebral” by Boys Noize & Pilo is revealed by This Song Is Sick HERE.

“The idea of the Strictly Raw Vol 1. release is to take 1 drumachine + 1 or 2 synths and make a track with it. Over the last years friends came in and out of my studio and sometimes we end up jamming on my machines. Since it’s #BNR10YR I wanted to collect the good ones and put them all together and there is some serious magic going on 🙂 As a DJ you always look out for these timeless house or techno music and here are 8 tracks that go from breaks to techno to acid to classic house, all analog, all strictly raw !!” – Alex Ridha 

Later this month, the BNR10YR tour will go to, among other cities, Toronto, Montreal, New York and Detroit. The tour will feature the live world premiere of Handbraekes (Boys Noize + Mr. Oizo) at the NYC date. Salva, SCNTST, Spank Rock & Lil Internet, Tiga, Skrillex, Destructo and more will also join the German producer DJ Alex Ridha on various live dates. See details and links to tickets below.

The #BNR10YR anniversary kick-off date in Miami was intense, with Spank Rock, PILO, Escor Krist, Boys Noize, Cities Aviv, Peaches, Destructo, Lil Internet, A-Trak, Brodinski, Snakehole, Jubilee and Ryme playing to all the fans and friends who came out to dance! Different from his festival sets, Boys Noize’s label showcases have been described as intimate tributes to techno by Billboard Magazine HERE.

Don’t miss out on joining the #BNR10YR party. Help Boys Noize, the full BNR crew and special guests celebrate around the world. Tickets for all upcoming dates are on sale now! Exclusive BitTorrent bundle, “3650, “Brain Frequent” and “Dawnload”, as well as over 5 additional hours of music plus album art by Paul Snowden can be previewed HERE.

iTunes & all digital platforms:
Boys Noize pres. Strictly Raw Vol 1 track list:
1. Boys Noize & Johnny Sack “Paranoid”
2. Boys Noize & Tiga “808 Iraq”
3. Boys Noize “Overstayer”
4. Boys Noize & Pilo “Celebral”
5. Boys Noize “The Fix”
6. Boys Noize & AtomTM “Openn”
7. Boys Noize & Totally Enormous Extict Dinosaurs “Spacer”
8. Boys Noize “Dawnload”
9. Boys Noize “Brain Frequent”
Boys Noize pres. Strictly Raw Vol.1  (Pt.1)
1. Boys Noize & Johnny Sack “Paranoid”
2. Boys Noize & Tiga “808 Iraq”
3. Boys Noize “Overstayer”
4. Boys Noize & Pilo “Celebral”

Boys Noize pres. Strictly Raw Vol.1  (Pt.2)
1. Boys Noize “The Fix”
2. Boys Noize & AtomTM “Openn”
3. Boys Noize & Totally Enormous Extict Dinosaurs “Spacer”
4. Boys Noize “Dawnload”
5.Boys Noize “Brain Frequent”
Upcoming #BNR10YR Live Dates:
^ Lineups and ticket links will be announced soon!
All dates & info:

Wed-May-13 – Munich, DE @ MMA with Boys Noize, 2manydjs (DJ Set), DJEDJOTRONIC, SCNTST, Housemeister, Feadz, d.i.m. and PILO
Thu-May-21 – Toronto, ON @ Hoxton with Boys Noize, Tiga, DJEDJOTRONIC, SCNTST and RYME
Fri-May-22 – Montreal, QC @ New City Gas with Boys Noize, Tiga and special guests
Sat-May-23 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall with Boys Noize, Mr. Oizo, the world premiere of Handbraekes (Boys Noize + Mr. Oizo), SALVA, Spank Rock & Lil Internet, Cities Aviv, PILO b2b SCNTST and special guests
Sun-May-24 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Basement with Boys Noize, Skrillex, Danny Brown, DESTRUCTO, PILO, Escor Krist and special guests
Jun-4 – Copenhagen, DK @ TBA^
Fri-Jun-5 – Oslo, Norway @ Vulkan Arena with Boys Noize, DJEDJOTRONIC, Housemeister and Kids Love Bass
Sat-Jun-6 – Stockholm, Sweden @ Slakthuset with Boys Noize, DJEDJOTRONIC, Housemeister, Physics, Bjarni Ben b2b JNB, Black Daniels ft. Alvarado, Mira Mark b2b Limbz, Shield b2b 2Stars, Andreas Andersson, Vincent Rydell and Jeff Cooper (DJ)
Fri-Jun-12 – Milan, Italy @ Circolo Magnolia  with Boys Noize, DJEDJOTRONIC, SCNTST, Housemeister, BS1 and more tba
Jun-18 – Lisbon, PT @ Lux^
Fri-Jun-19 – Barcelona, Spain @ Razzmatazz^
Fri-Jul-24 – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine with Boys Noize, Salva, Spank Rock, SCNTST, Cities Aviv, Pilo, Escor Krist
Sat-Jul-25 – Mexico City, MX @ Sala Puebla^
Fri-Jul-31 – Denver, CO @ Beta^
Thu-Aug-13 – Shanghai, CN @ Arkham^
Sat-Aug-15 – Tokyo, JP @ Womb^
Sun-Aug-30 – Dresden, DE @ Showboxx with Boys Noize, MODESELEKTOR (DJ set) and SCNTST

See you on the dance floor!

“Here’s to 10 more years.” – Harder Blogger Faster

“For the past 10 years, Boys Noize has established his Boysnoize Records imprint as a home for rule-breaking, genre-busting, hard-hitting, party-starting, multi-directional electronic music. With a current roster boasting the likes of Djedjotronic, SCNTST, Housemeister, Strip Steve, Escor Krist, and Spank Rock, BNR sets the bar high as it consistently redefines the current electronic music landscape.” – Nest HQ

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