Low Cut Connie Release New Album ‘Hi Honey’ Today

Low Cut Connie Release New Album Hi Honey Today

“Piano-slapping rock-n-roll with a drunk-ass punk-rock spirit – like Jerry Lee Lewis if he’d had his first religious experience at a Replacements show.” – Rolling Stone

“Low Cut Connie rips shit up.” – Robert Christgau, the Dean of American Rock Critics


Low Cut Connie are excited to release their new album Hi Honey today on Contender Records. The new set of songs was produced by Thomas Brenneck (Alabama Shakes, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Charles Bradley) and features a number of notable guest appearances, including Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards, Dean Ween of Ween, Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivians), and Vinnie Pastore (aka Big Pussy from The Sopranos).

The album has already received critical acclaim, with The New York Times saying, “On their raucous and slyly stirring third record, “Hi Honey,” these local rockers infuse their barroom boogie and Britpop formula with Southern R&B; “Little Queen of New Orleans,” which features Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards, is an especially hearty slab of soul. The group’s live show is a strange phenomenon: The singer Adam Weiner whirls across the stage and accosts his piano in a direct channeling of Jerry Lee Lewis, challenging the front row to accept his velocity.”

The band recently released their newest music video for the album’s first single, “Shake It Little Tina.” The video features the talents of Instagram dance king @adamscarpenters, who did over 200 dances across the USA over the last year to put this video together. Viewers with a keen eye will see Jamie Foxx in the video for two seconds. Watch the video at the link below:

Watch: Low Cut Connie – “Shake It Little Tina” Video

After a storm of critical acclaim for their first two Low Cut Connie records — 2011’s Get Out the Lotion and 2012’s Call Me Sylvia — songwriters Adam Weiner (New Jersey USA) and Dan Finnemore (Birmingham UK) dug deep to make songs that would make the kids feel free, feel weird, feel dirty, just feel something… like the blue-collar cross-dressing boogie of “Shake It Little Tina”, the creepy espionage of “Diane”, the portrait of a trans streetwalker in “Little Queen of New Orleans”, the punky pep talk of “Dumb Boy”, and the band’s autobiographical “Danny’s Outta Money”. Weiner, Finnemore, James Everhart (lead guitar) and Will Donnelly (bass, drums, etc) teamed up with renowned producer Thomas Brenneck and a stable of incredible guest artists to craft Hi Honey in a ten-day blitz in Brooklyn.  Weiner formed his own record label, Contender Records, put on the gloves and got ready to draw blood and take a beating.  Legendary Swedish photographer Anders Petersen (Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs) provided the cover image.

Hi Honey Track Listing

1. Who The Hell Is Tina?

2. Shake It Little Tina

3. Diane (Don’t Point That Thing At Me)

4. Back In School

5. Me N Annie

6. Taste So Good

7. Dickie’s Bringin Me Down

8. Danny’s Outta Money

9. Little Queen Of New Orleans

10. Dumb Boy

11. The Royal Screw

12. Somewhere Along The Avenue

13. Both My Knees

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