Aimee DeBeer Releases Video For ‘Oblivion’ From Forthcoming EP ‘Strange Fiction’

Aime DeBeer Releases the video for ‘Oblivion’ from Forthcoming EP ‘Strange Fiction’ with tour to follow.

Aimee deBeer was born in South Africa, grew up in Texas, and currently lives in New York City. Her songwriting is drawn from her experiences of arriving and leaving; the difficult task of choosing which fork in the road is worth taking, and reckoning with the fear that what’s to come may not always be better than what’s left behind.

Songs about the unknown and questions left unanswered are Aimee deBeer’s specialty. She writes for the future and the journey ahead; of fragments from a surreal dream, impending mortality and of dwelling within the subconscious. Aimee’s upcoming EP, entitled Strange Fiction will be released in the fall. Relying on analog synths, electric guitar, and lush harmonies, the sound is precocious and introspective, almost vampy; something you’d hope to drown in.

Check out the video for ‘Oblivion’ below:

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