Mara Carlyle Releases Song For ‘Body Of Songs’ project Feat. Max de Wardener

unnamed (20)

‘Body Of Songs’, inspired by the mysteries of the human body and curated by Radio 1’s Gemma Cairney.

All of the acts involved have met with specialists, doctors etc. to explore the body and get inspiration for new musical works. You may have already heard Bat For Lashes, Goldie, Ghostpoet and Afrikan Boy’s tracks. Here’s a new video about the project, showing the acts researching-

“Classical Macy Gray”, Mara Carlyle is the next to unveil her track. ‘Follow Me Through’. With help from the legendary Max de Wardener, she has written for the kidney and it’s a minimal conceptual vocoder / filtered frequency masterpiece:

Mara explains: “We decided to choose the kidney as ‘our’ organ in tribute to Max’s father who died recently, and who was a pioneering kidney specialist. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to explore his world both scientifically and creatively. We were able to get an initial overview of the kidney from several fascinating (and mind-boggling!) meetings with Hugh Montgomery and Chris Laing. Other parts of our process included gazing into jars of ancient pickled kidneys at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, talking with dialysis patients and meeting researchers who showed us mesmeric films of embryonic kidneys growing within the womb. For our piece we choose the kidney’s main function of filtration as the inspiration to create our song.”

Listen To Follow Me Through:


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